Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a way of understanding and describing human experience to maximize awareness of creative possibilities.
Gestalt therapy is existential, humanistic and process experiential, with a present-focused approach to psychotherapy.

The central issue in Gestalt therapy is awareness and dialogue.  Developing self and environmental awareness helps the individual to make conscious choices and find creative solutions for a meaningfull life. It is through dialogue that therapists help clients to gain awareness.

Gestalt therapy has a holistic view of humans. It means the physical, psychological, intellectual and emotional aspects of a person, which also is influenced by the environment, can’t be separated from one another. It helps you to understand and control your feelings, emotions and body.

Gestalt therapy helps individuals to grow in a relational approach to increase the self-awareness. It helps the individual to have more awareness of their contact with others and their environment to provide changes to improve the quality of thier relationships and find new options.

Those who practice Gestalt daily describe this therapeutic model as alive, spontaneous, and creative. It helps people reach their maximum potential.

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