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I offer gestalt therapy and coaching for individuals, couple, groups and organizations. We can meet face to face, while we walk, or on line. The first session is free.

I can assist you with your personal development to know yourself better and make the changes you wish to see happen in your life. I also can help you navigate a life crisis so you can revitalize your life energy and live life to its fullest. Through therapy I support you to develop deeper in a specific area. I also can help you with your relationships and family dynamics.

For organizations I assist to process and develop their human relations for achieving their goals in a more human focused way.

Areas that I work with are leadership teambuilding, conflict management, coaching and organizing workshops for mental health strength.

Consulations can be held in Swedish, English or Persian.

Please contact me for a free first consultation!


Phone: 555-5555

Instagram: insta@gram