Workshops and sessions for leaders and employees. 

I assist organizations to improve the wellbeing of their employees for better results and sustainability in the workplace.

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Leadership positions are demanding. I can support leaders in developing their skills set to be more compassionate and inclusive and to unlock their full potential for achieving personal and professional success.


Team Building

When a group sets out to work together, it’s important for them to get to know each other from the get go. I help groups with the process of setting goals and values to get better result.


Conflict Management

Each person is unique and has different vulnerabilities. These can be exacerbated in a stressful atmosphere at the workspace. I can help groups to meet and solve conflicts so they can work with more energy and enthusiasm.


Mental Health Strength Training

I arrange workshops to educate employees about mental health and how to mitigate stress and conflicts for a healthier work environment.



I provide sessions for individuals or groups of employees who need help to get back to their full potential.


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